Friday Morning Fly By: What if we just skip today?

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Friday Morning Fly By: What if we just skip today?

*Working our way through this roster of intermittently disappointing dorks and yesterday's target was Kevin Hayes. [BSH]

*You know who wasn't disappointing? Pretty much ever? Noah Cates. And Travis Konecny thinks so too. [NBC Sports Philly]

*It can be hard to fully shift into Offseason Mode while the playoffs are going strong, but the Flyers have a lot of business to take care of this summer. One of those businesses is locking up a few key RFAs. [Inquirer]

*Charlie got those mailbag questions he was asking for and now he's bringing us all the answers. [The Athletic]

*Winning the draft lottery and jumping to first overall and drafting Connor Bedard: would this be good? [BSH]

*If you've watched even a little of this first round you've probably noticed that the officiating has been... a bit sus, to put it nicely. Absolutely awful, if we're being less nice and more accurate. How does the league fix this? [ESPN]

*Have you all been made aware of this new thing the hockey WAGs do in the playoffs? They make jackets. Like, matching ones. Our pal Taylor over at the Dallas Stars blog will fill you in. [Defending Big D]

*And finally, there's a new BSH Radio for your Friday! Please to enjoy.