JayPo’s Penalty Boxed Lunch: The Fluffernutter

There aren't many "sweet" signature state sandwiches, so take this one in.

JayPo’s Penalty Boxed Lunch: The Fluffernutter

Welcome to JayPo’s Penalty Boxed Lunch where we explore food from around the country! This week’s 13th official entry comes from Massachusetts who have seemed to take a strong liking to marshmallow fluff.

Food History!

You might be asking yourself, what the heck is marshmallow fluff? Well, apparently it was invented in 1917 in Somerville Massachusetts by Archibald Query. It consists of corn syrup, sugar syrup, vanilla flavoring and egg whites. This is then combined with peanut butter on top of white bread.

During World War I, a recipe for a peanut butter and marshmallow creme sandwich, the earliest known example of the sandwich, was published. The term "fluffernutter" was created by an advertising agency in 1960 as a more effective way to market the sandwich.

How I Made it!

I went a LITTLE off the norm here and went with a honey wheat bread and did two variations of the fluffernutter. One traditional and one toasted like a grilled cheese. I have to say, cutting the sweetness with the toasted, buttered bread was much, much better.

What Does A Local Think? (Thanks to Dan of Stanley Cup of Chowder)

Do you think the fluffernutter represents your state accurately?

I think so, yeah. Massachusetts people are fiercely proud of the quirky local traditions, and peanut butter & fluff certainly fits the bill. It's almost a point of pride when someone from out of the area says they've never heard of fluff before. Plus, it's kind of a basic, no-frills sandwich, and I think Bay Staters like to think of themselves (for the most part) as salt-of-the-earth type people.

How do you make your sandwich?

White bread, not toasted, and I prefer slightly more peanut butter to fluff, as opposed to a 1:1 ratio. Having a little more peanut butter helps prevent those super-sweet bites that are mostly fluff.

How did I do?

I think you did well, even though you went the slightly non-traditional route (with the wheat bread). I've had it toasted before too, and it's not a bad choice - the crunchiness of the toasted bread adds a little texture to the sandwich.

Where do you order your favorite fluffernutter?

You have to get the classic Marshmallow Fluff. It's ubiquitous in most Massachusetts grocery stores. I don't think the design of the container has changed since I was a kid. I don't even know what brand it is, but I know it when I see it. If you're having peanut butter and fluff, stick with the original.