Michael Del Zotto progressing, pins removed from wrist surgery

His season ended early thanks to damage to wrist ligaments.

Michael Del Zotto's last game of the 2015-16 season was on Feb. 13. He played 20:18 in an overtime loss to the New Jersey Devils, and with that, the Philadelphia Flyers were suddenly down one of their top defensemen - right as their playoff push was about to get underway.

Done for the season due to surgery to repair ligaments in his wrists. Estimated recovery time of 3-4 months. The only way he could have come back would have been if the Flyers had gone really, really deep into the playoffs, and even then it wouldn't have been certain.

If you're familiar with Del Zotto, you know he sometimes posts graphic images of his injuries and recoveries. This one isn't too graphic, but I'm just linking it anyway in case you're squeamish: he got pins put in his wrist, and was running around with a cast the past while as he rehabbed.

Anyway, good news: the pins are gone! And we got an adorable selfie to go with the announcement.

6 am surgery. Progression made. Pins removed. #babysteps

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Look at his little cap. I love it. We're about two months into Del Zotto's recovery time - here's to a good rehab completion, and being ready in October!