Oskar Lindblom named 2016-17 top forward in Swedish Hockey League

A big honor for a guy who might just make the Flyers next season.

Many people would consider the Swedish Elite League — or, wait, it’s called just the “Swedish Hockey League” now -- the second-best hockey league in the world. Better than the KHL. Better than the AHL.

Smart people can disagree, but the point is that it’s a really good league.

And Flyers prospect Oskar Lindblom was just named the SHL’s best forward for the 2016-17 season. I will note that he is only 20 years old. Here’s the terrible Google translation of this:

After the recently concluded season 2016/2017 has been voted and Oskar Lindblom, Brynäs IF have been awarded Forward.

In the vote that preceded this, Oskar been totally superior and in a class by itself, says Hockey Journalists President Hasse Andersson.

Oskar have also done a fantastic season. The soon to be 21-year-old striker scored in the 61 tournament matches (all Brynäs played, 52 of the regular season, 14 in the playoffs), a total of 26 goals and played until 35, then a total of 61 points. ...

His career has been marked out and Oskar Lindblom has constantly evolved in the right direction. His style of play is ground covering, pungent and technical. He has a good shot and is also a great challenge players.

Lindblom ranked No. 6 in our February 2017 ranking of the Flyers Top 25 Under 25. That was a six-spot jump from his September 2016 ranking of No. 12.

If you’re good enough to be the best forward in one of the best hockey leagues in the world, you’re probably good enough to crack the 2017-18 Philadelphia Flyers lineup out of training camp. Just saying.