Ranking the Flyers’ game-day giveaways

Because nothing says ‘hockey’ quite like gimmicks!

Today, the Flyers released news that was much anticipated by the fans, media, and bloggers like myself. Finally, after months of waiting, and after little in the way of updates, the Flyers unveiled a contr...I mean...they released a schedule of their game day promotions. Well, it is certainly something. While, yes, we are waiting on more important news to break from the Flyers’ management, it’s always nice to know what games fans can circle on their calendars to receive a special deal or unique trinket of some kind. Growing up with my baseball loving father and grandfather, these types of promotions at Phillies games were always in our sights (at seven years old I only ever wanted a Bobby Abreu bobblehead). I’m sure that young fans will be excited, and that’s what truly matters. Any-who, with further ado, here is the definitive ranking of all the promotions and specials the Flyers will be doing in 2019-20:

12. Season Ticket Member Appreciation Day, February 22

This day doesn’t entail much besides thanking season ticket holders for continuing to support the club. While yes, it’s nice to be recognized, there’s no real promotion here. It’s simply a day of recognition that yes, you are on board.

11. Fan Appreciation Night Presented by Toyota, March 5

It’s more of the same thing except now it’s for everybody! This night is either a hit or a miss, depending on if the Flyers are actually good or not. Good, and fans will come out in droves. Bad, and fans will still come out in droves but this time they’ll throw things on the ice.

10. 80’s Night, January 18

The Flyers did something similar last season with a 90’s night, themed around classic video games, Will Smith, and enough Legion of Doom to give a grown adult a concussion. While that event was pretty cool, and tapped into my 90’s nostalgia (‘97 baby), I think the effect will have worn off by the time 80’s night rolls around. At least with the 90’s, the Flyers had one of the most iconic players in the game in Eric Lindros. I wouldn’t say any 80’s Flyers defined the decade per say, though that could just be my youth talking.

9. Gritty Window Cling Giveaway, First 10,000 Fans, February 1

I love the creepiness of this thing. If I was a child and saw a mini Gritty stuck to the outside of my window, I’d almost certainly scream. While it is cool, it’s not particularly exciting for me. It definitely falls under the ‘novelty’ category here.

8. Gritty Chia Pet Giveaway, All Fans in Attendance, November 5

(Probably) somebody in the Flyers’ board room:

“Okay guys, let’s do the Voracek Chia Pet, but make it 1000% more beardy.”

Boom, the Gritty Chia Pet is born! It’s another novelty item that won’t be for much use other than a cheeky decoration, but it’s pretty funny.

7. Dollar Pretzel Night, February 18

I know that I’m gonna get a ton of criticism for ranking dollar pretzel night so low, but hear me out. Pretzels make you thirsty (insert Seinfeld reference here), and then you’ll need to buy a drink. But ... a dollar pretzel?! Then you buy another pretzel, and the cycle continues. I love pretzels, especially soft pretzels, as much as anybody, but it is a dangerous game.

6. Opening Night Schedule T-Shirt Giveaway, All Fans in Attendance, October 9

Oh hey, an item I would actually get use out of! A free tee-shirt is always a smart idea for a give away, however, the opening night tee gets the lowest ranking of the clothing items for me. This is only because in the past, I’ve noticed that the ‘opening’ tee-shirts tend to be a little less interesting graphically and are quite generic. Of course, we don’t yet know what it will look like, but from past experience, I’ll hedge my bets.

5. Flyers Winter Hat Giveaway, First 10,000 Fans, December 19

It goes without saying that winters get cold in Philadelphia. Heck, they get cold in Edinburgh too! I have one of these winter hats from a previous year, and it does the job on a chilly day. Quite useful, though I can’t rank it higher than this just because we don’t know what it’ll look like. I’m guessing an orange hat with a Flyer logo, but hey who knows.

4. Flyers Beer Stein Giveaway, First 10,000 Fans, October 19

This is, in my opinion, the premier way to celebrate Oktoberfest. I’m a big fan of beer served in over-the-top glasses, and if my over-the-top glass can feature the orange and black, then I’m all for it.

3. Dietz & Watson Dollar Dog Night, October 26 and March 5

It’s dollar dog night. Need I say more?

2. Kid’s Day/Kids Name & Number Long-Sleeve T-shirt Giveaway, First 3,000 Kids 12 & Under, November 23

While I don’t have children, I was in fact at one point a child, and I can tell you that if your child is a hockey fan or is even remotely into sports, taking them to these types of special games is 100% worth it. It’s a very nice way to create a lasting memory between you and them, and they’ll appreciate feeling special.

1. Sean Couturier Winter Scarf Giveaway, First 10,000 Fans, November 13

Not only do I really like the design of the scarf, but I’m just a huge fan of scarves in general. I live in a very windy place, and if you don’t have scarf, it’s likely your neck will freeze over, so it truly is an essential. Out of all the products, I think this is the one people can get the most use out of, so that’s why it’s #1 for me.

Besides these give aways, the Flyers are also running their annual community nights and special ticketing events. You can view them here.