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Thursday Morning Fly By: Afternoon… probably not delight

*Friendly reminder that there will be hockey for you to watch at 2pm today, thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs and their annual “Next Gen Game” which is, honestly, a really cool idea. [Maples Leafs]

*Speaking of The Youths, the Flyers’ young players seem to be taking advantage of the opportunity this lost season has presented them with. [NBC Sports Philly]

*In that vein, Charlie argues that, while these wins here and there against teams like Columbus ultimately hurt the potential lottery chances, the development happening with the young players is more important. [The Athletic]

*The Torts-Hayes drama appears to be over, at least publicly, since Hayes is back on the ice. But the point Tortorella was trying to get across with that benching is an important one that goes farther than Kevin Hayes, really. [BSH]

*In a move that makes no sense to me because I have no idea how a scheduling matrix works, a Flyers-Sabres game from March has been moved to January because of a Sabres snow delay in December. Or something along those lines. [Inquirer]

*If you’ve been wondering what the rest of the Metro Division has been up to, no worries, our pals at the Canes blog are here to save you. As they do every week. [Canes Country]

*And finally, Charlie’s doing a mailbag! These are always fun so get your questions in. [The Athletic]