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Thursday Morning Fly By: Getting the hooks out

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*It’s trade bait, time baby! Get it? Get the hooks out? You bait the hooks? See what I was doing there? Anyhoo, you’ll be shocked to learn that Sean Walker is a hot one on the list of players that might be traded. [BSH]

*Walker is one of three Flyers that made the list this time around. [Inquirer]

*Feel free to peruse the full Trade Bait List at your leisure, should you be inclined. [TSN]

*On the other side of the trade… pole? Bait, hooks, poles? Is this anything? Whatever, these are some players the Flyers might try to acquire at the deadline this year. [BSH]

*Charlie digs into the Carter Hart situation. Always worth reading Charlie’s takes on important things. [PHLY]

*And here’s a rundown of everything we know about the case so far. [Inquirer]

*Trade rumors and prospects, no one ever gets enough of either, so here are the latest rankings of the top prospects in this year’s draft. [Sportsnet]

*Since the tragic death of Adam Johnson over in the UK, there has been a renewed focus on safety equipment for hockey players at all levels. [AP]

*And finally, here it is, the anonymous poll of NHL hockey players. It’s always fun to see what these dudes think of each other, huh? [The Athletic]

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