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Thursday Morning Fly By: Moving on

*Season’s wrapped for everybody now, and the Flyers didn’t take long to kick off their offseason by holding the exit interviews first thing yesterday morning. Not a ton of earth shattering information revealed but some little nuggets, like Jamie Drysdale admitting he hasn’t been 100% at all during his time with the Flyers, were interesting enough. Cam Atkinson said some things of note. [BSH]

*It was, of course, a day with both the team and a lot of us fans thinking about what we can learn from this season. [Inquirer]

*One big lesson? Best not to go on an eight game losing streak against weak opponents in the closing weeks of the season. It’s a good way to blow it. We’ve learned. [PHLY]

*It’s one of the things several of the Flyers players focused on during yesterday’s interviews. [Inquirer]

*In a lot of ways though this season was a success. And it’s okay to think so, even with all of the disappointment at the end. [The Athletic]

*Anyhoo, there was also some news yesterday: the Flyers signed Massimo Rizzo to his ELC. [BSH]

*In case you didn’t know, Rizzo is coming off Denver’s big National Championship win (they beat William Gauthier’s team, for the record). [Inquirer]

*Alright, other stuff: because the NHL’s playoff format is utter trash, the Leafs and Bruins will once again be meeting in the first round. IT MAKES NO SENSE. [Sportsnet]

*While everyone likes to grade out deadline deals day-of, now is when you really get a sense of who came out a winner when those trades were made. [ESPN+]

*And finally, it’s full-steam ahead to the draft now, friends. So let’s start looking at these rankings. [The Athletic]

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