Tuesday Morning Fly By: On to the second

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Tuesday Morning Fly By: On to the second
Photo Credit: Heather Barry / Heather Barry Images

*The second round begins tonight! After the Game 7 madness of the last two nights a breather would have been nice but no ma'am, the 'yoffs wait for no one. [ESPN]

*Related, that Bruins meltdown sure was nuts, eh? Turns out, doesn't matter who you are, it is damn hard to win in the NHL playoffs. [Pensburgh]

*What happened, though? A lot of things, obviously, but to me it just seemed like the Bruins forgot how to do all of the things that made them so unstoppable in the regular season. [ESPN]

*Speaking of upsets: Hak and Krak! Who would have thought, huh? Not me. Anyway, is Dave Hakstol the reason the Kraken knocked off the defending champs? [The Athletic]

*Big news in the hockey world yesterday was the Calgary Flames deciding to fire Darryl Sutter. A move that should surprise no one, given what a disaster they were this season. [Sportsnet]

*Anyhoo, the Flyers. Yesterday's victim in the player review lineup was Kieffer Bellows, a guy who did... some things? Sort of? [BSH]

*It was a bit of a rough season for Travis Sanheim, huh? [Flyers]

*Seravalli's latest trade bait list dropped yesterday and the two Flyers appearing on it will not be a surprise to you at all. [BSH]

*And finally, with the draft lottery just a week away, it's time to start thinking about prospects. And regardless of what happens with the lotto balls, we're going to get a good player. If you're to believe the experts, anyway. [The Athletic]