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Tuesday Morning Fly By: No more rain

*We love the Union and we want to steal all of their fun things, thanks. [BSH]

*Speaking of things we love, we’ve got some food talk going on on the old website. We’re doing a food tour! [BSH]

*We’ll keep the good news rolling here: Tanner Laczynski’s a dad! [NBCSP]

*Who doesn’t love a power ranking? We’ve got one regular ranking for you… [DFO]

*…and a fun one! Let’s get into some of the best fits of the beginning of the season. [The Athletic]

*The first month of the season has been pretty wild, all around the league, and there have been a whole lot of surprises to dig into. [NHL]

*And finally, we’re going to see the Leafs later this week, and uh… are they okay? [Sportsnet]