Tuesday Morning Fly By: They brought it to Broad Street

<em>Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…</em>

*HOLY SMOKES WHAT A FUN HOCKEY GAME. It’s been a long time. And we really needed that. RECAP!

*Carter Hart’s performance in the opener was a little up and down. But “flukey” might not be the word. It’s worth taking a closer look. [BSH]

*”Flyers loss = Seattle’s gain” hmm okay not sure, but okay. [NHL.com]

*Oh wow Nikita Kucherov is hurt and might be out long term? Wow that’s so weird. [Raw Charge]

*Evander Kane has cost himself nearly $2 million by continuing to be a very stupid bad man. You love to see a consequence. [Sportsnet]

*An early power ranking, with some bonus overreactions by fans. [ProHockeyTalk]

*A former AHLer is on the way to becoming the first black NHL referee in nearly 20 years, which is pretty neat. [NHL.com]

*And finally, if the Hayes Family hoped sharing what happened to Jimmy would help others, it might be starting to work. Shining a light on the dark spots is the only way to flush out the worst stuff. [The Globe & Mail]