Wednesday Morning Fly By: Jack Eichel Demand A Trade Challenge

<em>Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…</em>

* Much like many of us, the Flyers seem to believe Alain Vigneault should be the frontrunner for the Jack Adams: []

* Brad and Mike take a look at the Vezina Trophy race, which has a clear favorite that somehow ISN’T Carter Hart: [BSH]

* TBD if it’s going to, y’know ... actually happen, but Cam York and Bobby Brink were invited to the Team USA World Junior Summer Showcase: [USA Hockey]

* Anyways, the big news in the hockey world yesterday came out of Buffalo, where the Sabres fired general manager Jason Botterill after three years on the job. They still haven’t been to the playoffs since that time the Flyers beat them nine years ago. There’s been a lot of carnage. They are still bad. Also their new GM is named “Kevyn”, with a y, so that’s something. [Die By The Blade]

* You’re not gonna believe this, but there’s more Islanders arena drama: [Lighthouse Hockey]

* The very delicate question of what to do with NHL players’ families in a potential restart looms large, particularly for those whose families are expecting new children: [ESPN]

* A look at what the NHL and its teams and players have done in recent weeks in their stated efforts to combat racism and inequality, and how much further they have to go to get there: [Jackets Cannon]

* If you want some good tactical analysis on a Wednesday, here’s a look at the Leafs’ power play: [Seventh at Auston]

* Remember when the Flyers made that video documentary thing? Flight Plan? Where they showed us all the highly questionable decisions they made? Imagine if a team decided to do that, but the team that did so was (probably) the worst NHL team of this century? Anywho, here are the Red Wings: [Michigan Live]

* Finally, a determination on five large NHL contracts — one of whom belongs to a Flyer! — and whether or not they are Bad: [The Athletic]