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2023-24 Player Review: The deadline acquisitions

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The lookback on the various seasons of various Philadelphia Flyers continues and right now, we’re looking at the couple of guys that a rebuilding team actually brought in when they were projected to make the playoffs.

Of course, the playoffs did not happen and we will be without seeing our favorite boys on the ice until the fall, but the Flyers did bring in these depth players to just provide a bit of a safety net in interesting situations. Really, these acquisitions need context but also we can just look at their seasons in Philadelphia in a vacuum, as well.

Denis Gurianov

In reality, Denis Gurianov will become one of those obscure Flyers whose name will be said after going back and forth between some friends talking about the most wild small-time members of this team in its existence. His four games will (and do) not matter that much in the grand scheme of things, but he was brought in as just someone they might be interested in.

Around the trade deadline, Flyers general manager Danny Briere moved on from forward Wade Allison, who became strictly minor-league depth after not taking his demotion super well and got completely lost in Lehigh Valley. To give him a fresh start before he hit restricted free agency, he was sent packing to the Nashville Predators. As the return, the Flyers got pending unrestricted free agent Gurianov.

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