BSH 2.0 Update - The end is nigh

They’ll be shutting the lights off soon; here’s what we need you to know.

Good morning, everyone! Just wanted to give all of you here an update on what to expect in the next couple of days.

The folks at Vox have asked us to stop posting tonight, Thursday, March 30, at 9 p.m. So that means no recap for tonight’s game, and no content tomorrow. We’ve been told the site transfer will begin tomorrow, March 31.

How long will this transition take? Unclear. I hate this level of uncertainty — for both me and for you — but unfortunately this part of the process is completely out of my hands.

BSH 2.0 - Where we are now

So please prepare for the possibility that will not exist tomorrow. As I mentioned in the last update, the site will be hosted at a temporary address until the transition is complete, and I’d love for you to bookmark it so you don’t lose us for a few days:

(Please note, this site is not live yet. We are still taking down the scaffolding, it is not yet safe for occupancy. It will be live April 1, however.)

The hope is that on Saturday, April 1 (IT’S NOT A JOKE I ASSURE YOU lmao), you will be able to get right to with no issues, just like you do now. But it all depends on how the transition from Vox goes, so if there are some hiccups over the weekend, please bear with us.

Some notes, just in case:

  1. When you get to the new site you will need to make a new log-in. None of the community information is being shared with us by Vox, so unfortunately, your old account will die with the old BSH. But you can resurrect it immediately at the new BSH!
  2. It will likely take several days for all of the archives to import into the new site. So that means, for a few days, you may encounter some dead links or errors. We’ll sort it all out as quickly as possible.
  3. As a reminder, all content for the month of April will be free to all. We’re considering this month to be our tryout, to show you all what we’ve got.
  4. I know not everyone is on social media, Twitter in particular, but if you want to follow us there it is where I think it is the easiest to share real-time updates with everyone. If things get hung up, or change, etc.
  5. If you have any questions or concerns, I’ve set up a temporary email address that goes right to me: kelly.hinkle.bsh @ gmail. I will do my best to address whatever you need, but please be nice to me. I am so stressed out.

I want to reiterate how thankful we all are for all of you. This whole situation was foisted upon us very unexpectedly and we really are doing our best. None of us expected to own a website. I know I never did. And the entire reason why we are working so hard to maintain the site, to keep Broad Street Hockey alive, has nothing to do with content. Nothing to do with a website. Nothing even to do with the Flyers, at least not completely. Or fundamentally. Broad Street Hockey is about our community. The friends we’ve all made in the comments, the fun we’ve had at events, the camaraderie we’ve built loving and hating this team in equal measure, together.

So I ask that when you think about supporting us, supporting this site, you think about what you’re actually supporting. It’s you. Everyone reading this. All of us writing these words and making silly tweets and planning silly parties. That’s what we want to keep alive, and we hope you’ll help us do it.

“See you in another life, brother.”