Yeah, no, I'm good

A playoff run feels like a lot right now.

Yeah, no, I'm good
Photo Credit: Heather Barry

We are now three weeks into the NHL playoffs and the unpredictable has already happened.

A historic, monumental, and ageless Boston Bruins team, full of career years and joy for this to be their version of a Last Dance, crashed and burned against a Florida Panthers team that, had the Buffalo Sabres beat them on April 4 instead of the result going the other way, wouldn't even be in the playoffs.

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally got a series victory over the arch-nemisis Tampa Bay Lightning, who has always been seen as the big brother to the up-start Leafs. Strong-arming them as the Toronto team tries and tries again to take them off their pedestal. Well, they finally did that and their reward? They are currently down 2-0 in their first second-round series since 2004 against those same gutsy Panthers.