Thursday Morning Fly By: Feels like August

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Thursday Morning Fly By: Feels like August

*Folks, all of your favorite Flyers writers that aren't us (and sometimes Charlie) seem to have headed up to the cottage early this summer. The links be few, mates. Anyhoo, we've got stuff. For example, anyone else think maybe the Flyers should have done an actual search for a GM? Like other teams are doing? [BSH]

*We've also made our way up to the fifth overall pick in our community-lead draft, and you've chosen a guy who is NOT from here, despite what you may think. [BSH]

*The Conference Finals start tonight and if you're like me, you've hitched yourself to the Caniac wagon, and will be rooting for the success of our old pal Shayne.

*Back to the prospects, it's possible that Matvei Michkov is the next Alex Ovechkin. Which is why he almost certainly won't fall to the Flyers. BUT HE COULD. [The Athletic]

*Anyhoo, around the league some stuff is happening. The small news of the Arizona Coyotes arena vote failing is one of those stuffs. Assuming this means the 'Yotes will finally be on the move, where are they headed? [Sportsnet]

*Because the NHL as a whole and all of the individuals that comprise that whole are incapable of learning a single lesson and/or making any kind of marked improvement, Mike Babcock is being interviewed for coaching jobs. [TSN]

*There's talk of blowing it up in Toronto because of course there is – no one catastrophizes better than the Toronto sports media/Leafs fans – but if Danny Briere is going to pry one of their very good players away from them, he won't have too many to choose from. [Sportsnet]

*The folks at Charlie's website are asking people to vote for the best local broadcast team in the NHL. YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. [The Athletic]

*And finally, we are doing a fun little thing this offseason; maybe you'd like to join us? [BSH]