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Thursday Morning Fly By: Bring on the best (guy) in the West

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*Was anyone actually upset Morgan Frost was scratched last game? The man himself is, as expected, being pretty chill about it. We’ll see what tonight brings for him when the Oilers roll in.

*The Frost scratch does once again raise the big What Are We Doing With The Kids? question surrounding this team in general. [BSH]

*Anyhoo, speaking of last game, it’s kind of hilarious that the previously-undefeated Canucks had a bit of a spiral after being ran over by the lowly Flyers for their first loss of the year. [BSH]

*It was nice seeing the Flyers hold up nicely against a team that, while not perfect, has quite a lot of high-end offensive weapons. Charlie thinks they might even be… fun?? [PHLY]

*Like Sean Couturier scoring his first ever penalty shot. That’s fun! [The Athletic]

*There was quite a bit of fun and good, actually, and we’ve broken down all the video for you. [BSH]

*Speaking of fun: the latest Prospect Report has hit the streets! The airwaves! Whatever! [BSH]

*Apparently the league wants to change the way they hold the Draft, since the NHL loves nothing more than changing things no one was complaining about in the first place. [The Athletic]

*And finally, another set of Thoughts, approximately 30 or so, this time focused on the NHL’s ongoing lack of personality. [Sportsnet]

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