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Thursday Morning Fly By: How are ya now?

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*So yesterday’s Big Thing In FlyersLand was John Tortorella’s incredibly lengthy (by his standards, at least) press conference following practice. [TSN]

*He spoke for 15 entire minutes, and while that might be more time than you’d like to spend listening to John Tortorella talk, this is well worth the investment:

*So, with all of This happening, it appears we’ve reached the stage of Torts Employment at which fans begin questioning whether he’s the best guy for the job. How are you feeling about his future with the team at this point? [Inquirer]

*Anyhoo, the Flyers. The hockey team the Flyers. Here’s where the stand in the playoff race heading into this weekend’s back-to-back. [BSH]

*The Hart Trophy race this season is fixing to be a real doozy. Who ya got? [Sportsnet]

*Back on Tuesday we shared Eric Lindros’ comments about the way the Flyers handled the William Gauthier situation. Here’s why we think he was wrong. [BSH]

*And finally, a brand new BSH Podcast for your enjoyment! The perfect way to pass some time on this lovely day off from hockey. [BSH]

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