Thursday Morning Fly By: Listing intensifies

<em>Today’s open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Flyers news and notes…</em>

*There comes a time during the offseason at which all of the content is dried up and dead, and nothing is left to do but devise various lists. Rankings. Etc. One of our boys makes this list of the players in need of a bounce-back this season. [The Hockey News]

*Our late summer contribution to List Culture continues with #24, mild disappointment Jay O’Brien. [BSH]

*This one is more of a ranking than a list, but whatever because Sean Couturier is elite. [The Athletic]

*And though we are a ways away, and don’t really know where the Flyers will end up picking, it’s not too early for a list of potential draftees from the 2020 crop. [BSH]

*It’s August, so you’d expect the list of remaining free agents to be big piles of trash poop, right? Well, there may be some value out there still. [Yahoo Sports]

*And speaking of trash poop, let’s take a look at the recent deals given to players bought out by their previous team. [ESPN]

*This isn’t a list! It’s an article that should serve to get you super pumped about Joel Farabee and Cam York, if you weren’t already. [The Athletic]

*And finally, this isn’t a list either, but we talk about lists, and it’s actually quite good for the worst part of the offseason if you ask me. New BSH Radio! [BSH]