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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Let’s get those balls dropped

Photo credit: Heather Barry

*Happy Draft Lottery Day, goons and gals! Potentially big day for the Flyers. Maybe Gary will decide it is in his best interest to weight those balls in our favor, eh? Who can say! We thought a bit about what it would mean should the balls fall our way. [BSH]

*And here’s how it all works, in case you need a refresher. Since it’s complicated. [Flyers]

*Related, Uncle Bob’s released his latest rankings and it looks like this draft could get real weird once you get past #1. [TSN]

*Anyhoo, the Flyers. Nic Deslauriers! He sure did have a hockey season, huh? Good for him. [BSH]

*And with the second round fully underway, we’ve got our predictions down on paper for accountability later. [BSH]

*A Flyers mailbag dropped over at The Athletic, if you’re into this kind of thing. And also pay for a subscription. [The Athletic]

*If you’re into The Numbers, our resident expert took a deep-dive on the prospects’ postseason stats. [BSH]

*A local person who made a pretty cool thing is a finalist for one of the NHL’s most worthwhile awards, and that’s pretty neat. [Inquirer]

*And finally, it’s not the playoffs without narratives, so here are the five you’ll want to focus on as the second round progresses. [Sportsnet]

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