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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Alright let’s try that again

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*The Flyers are back at it again tonight, this time against those New York Islanders. Monday night’s game was… well, let’s just say they were knocking the rust off. Not much good to speak of in that one. [NBC Sports Philly]

*It was New Guy Cal Petersen’s debut and um… well… yeah. Knocking the rust off. [Inquirer]

*A new and exciting trade rumor involving the Flyers and the Senators got a little smokey yesterday. We’ll see what happens there. [BSH]

*We also had a bit of actual real news: another ELC is signed! [Inquirer]

*Also also, first roster cuts were made. We’re down to 52. [Flyers]

*Speaking of things that actually happened, we took some time to explain why we voted the way we did in our 25U25. In case you were curious about any of that. [BSH]

*Speaking of dudes under 25 that we all like: Noah Cates. Let’s talk about his upcoming season. [BSH]

*Charlie’s replacement sat down with Keith Jones and asked a few questions, and when you’re talking to Keith Jones you’re always going to have a good time. [The Athletic]

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