MASCOT UPDATE: Good chance it’s orange

Orange you glad I told you this?

After dropping a not-so-subtle hint earlier in the week, the Philadelphia Flyers essentially cemented the fact they will have a mascot this season with a follow-up video earlier today.

The team brought in Chad Stevens, a private investigator, to look into the suspicious activity that had been going on around the rink. What he found were “long, orange hairs” all around the arena. So on top of kinda being a dick, we learned the Flyers’ future mascot seems to shed a lot. With the acknowledgement that the mascot has orange hair, it cancels out the suspicion many had that Phlex, the mascot of the Philadelphia and Adirondack Phantoms for many years, would make a return.

The Orange and Black bringing in a mascot is big news. It will be the second time in franchise history they have had a mascot, as the team gave us Slapshot back in 1976, who didn’t last all that long.