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Thursday Morning Fly By: Hitting the proverbial fan

Photo Credit: Heather Barry

*We’re all intelligent enough here — especially you, dear reader; you’re here, of course — to know what is going on here, but we aren’t going to put it together explicitly. Feels like the responsible thing to do. Instead, let’s go through all of the pieces:

*Yesterday morning, the Toronto Globe & Mail reported that five members of the 2018 Canadian WJC team were being asked to surrender to London police. [Globe & Mail]

*The news spread to every outlet, of course. Including our local sports reporters. Probably because Carter Hart, member of the 2018 Canadian WJC team, had taken a “leave of absence” from the team on Tuesday. [Inquirer]

*And then, around noon, Danny Briere faced the media. He told them he couldn’t make a statement about the situation, per the NHL’s direction. Not a great sign, really.

*GMDB also spent some time pointing out that the Flyers remain focused on the future of the team, not this year’s success. [Inquirer] [The Athletic]

*It’s all bad. Like you we’ll be waiting for the February 5th press conference from the London Police. Until then… well there’s a hockey game tonight? Did you see this have you heard about this? Right, so the Flyers’ power play still stinks. We have some thoughts about why and some ideas on how to fix it. [BSH]

*And finally, someone is asking the important questions: would you play for the Pittsburgh Penguins? [BSH]

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